September 28, 2021

Please join us each Wednesday, beginning October 13th, whenwe will begin Archangel Gabriel’s fall book club series.Vespers will begin at 6pm and we will immediately follow with refreshments and discussion of Archimandrite Sergius Bowyer’s Acquiring the Mind of Christ: Embracing the Vision of the Orthodox Church. The book is available for purchase at our bookstore or by following the link above.

St. Paul clearly states: “Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus…” (Phil 2:5.) How do we acquire this Mind of Christ and where is it to be found? For the Orthodox Christian, salvation is the acquisition of this Mind of Christ which is to be found in the Church. This acquisition moves us from the image of God to the likeness of God; through our obedience to this call we begin to know God and this knowledge is eternal life (John 17:3). This small book hopes to begin to answer how acquiring the Mind of Christ is possible and why it is necessary in our lives today.

In simple, deeply reflected and profoundly wise words, Acquiring the Mind of Christ expounds the Orthodox Christian Faith in a way that is accessible to the laymen and theologian alike. Archimandrite Sergius, Abbot of St. Tikhon’s Monastery, speaks from personal experience illumined by the liturgical life of our Church. With vitality desperately needed today, this is a treasury for spiritual seekers of all levels.

About the Author: Fr. Archimandrite Sergius serves as the 16th Abbot of St. Tikhon’s Monastery. He teaches at St. Tikhon’s Seminary and has traveled extensively for the Monastery and Seminary giving talks and retreats.