Fall Adult Education

Our Fall Adult Education series at Archangel Gabriel begins TODAY, November 12th! Today we will be covering Chapter 1, on prayer, from “Toolkit for Spiritual Growth” by Fr. Evan Armatas!

Coffee Hour

Beginning THIS SUNDAY we will be reinstating our after Liturgy Coffee Hour. Even if you did not attend the Liturgy, you are welcome to come join us for the coffee hour and fellowship afterwards. We will not be having a full meal at this time, but we will offer coffee, and anyone is welcome to…

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Outdoor Liturgy – Sunday, September 27th

Archangel Gabriel Orthodox Church will be hosting an outdoor liturgy on Sunday, September 27th. If more than 15 people sign up, the Liturgy will be hosted outdoors. If less than 15 sign up, it will be moved back inside the church. Click HERE to sign up for the outdoor Divine Liturgy on September 27th.

Church Office Hours

Beginning September 1, 2020, the church will be open for lighting candles and personal prayer every Tuesday and Thursday from 7:30 AM – 2:30 PM. Fr. Chrysostom will be leading Morning Prayers on those days at 7:45 AM. He will also be maintaining office hours during this these times.

COVID-19 Procedures

Updated: May 27, 2021 Christ is risen!Archbishop Alexander has asked that we disseminate these new Post-Pandemic Directives to our parishes. If you have an questions or concerns please feel free to contact me! 1. First and foremost, receiving a COVID vaccine is a choice – nobody should feel compelled or coerced to receive the vaccine. It is clear that…

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Sign up for updates

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