Fall Adult Education

Our Fall Adult Education series at Archangel Gabriel begins TODAY, November 12th! Today we will be covering Chapter 1, on prayer, from “Toolkit for Spiritual Growth” by Fr. Evan Armatas!

“Are you a new Orthodox Christian, confused about what you need to do to grow in your Faith? Or perhaps you’ve been Orthodox for some time but could use a refresher course in basic spirituality. Popular podcaster Fr. Evan Armatas explains the fundamentals of the three-legged stool of Orthdoox practice of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving in terms that everyone can understand and implement. Let Fr. Evan help you establish your life in Christ on a firm footing.”

Please join us for this “book club” style gathering, which will include guided questions and discussion with Fr. Chrysostom!

Classes will be held at 7pm, after Vespers, beginning TODAY November 12th. All are welcome!

The book can be purchased HERE or HERE.

Akathist of Thanksgiving, Wed. Nov. 25 @ 6 PM

I will now be in town during the week of Thanksgiving. We have revised the November Calendar and added the Akathist of Thanksgiving on Wednesday, November 25th (the day before Thanksgiving), at 6pm. We will not have Adult Education that evening, but we will resume with Chapter 2 on Almsgiving from Toolkit for Spiritual Growth, on Wednesday, December 2nd after Vespers. The book can be purchased HERE or HERE.

In Christ,
-Fr. Chrysostom

COVID-19 Procedures

Updated: April 7, 2021

  1. Continue to require face coverings (“masks”) at all times while inside.
  2. Require physical distancing during services – 6 feet between each individual or “family unit”.
  3. Communion can return to normal.
  4. Resume kissing of icons, the cross, etc. Once again, the consensus is that this is primarily an airborne particulate transmitted virus. Of course, one may continue to venerate with the sign of the cross and bows.


All Vespers services are open attendance. 

Divine Liturgy

Signups for Divine Liturgy services are no longer necessary. All Divine Liturgy services are now also open attendance.

UPDATE: These precautions will officially cease to be required as of June 2, 2021